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Galway City Tour 
Tour Overview 
This Tour begins with a visit to Eyre Square and Old Town Wall followed by a walk through the ancient medieval quarter to explore Galway’s hidden secrets and urban legends. West of the River Corrib we discover city landmarks such the Catholic Cathedral and Gothic University Quadrangle. Other tour highlights include Lynch’s Castle and memorial window along with St Nicholas Church and Claddagh Village. 
Tour Highlights 
Eyre Square 
Monuments include the Brown Doorway, Kennedy Memorial and Quincentennial fountain representing the brown sails of a Galway Hooker, traditional style sailing boat. During the summer months the top of the square is embellished with a line of colourful flags depicting the 14 tribes of Galway.    
Old Town Wall  
Part of the old town wall, complete with twin watchtowers, has been incorporated into the Eyre Square shopping centre. Dating to the late 13th century, this is the longest and most impressive section of the surviving medieval wall. Major fortifications were added to the east wall in the mid 17th century. 
Lynches Castle  
This classic medieval tower house is adorned with many elaborate decorations and sculptures including grotesque gargoyles (water spouts) and several coats of arms. The rectangular stone panel on Shop Street bears the royal arms of Henry VII and was carved as an expression of loyalty to the new Tudor King.  
St Nicholas Church 
Established in the year 1320, St Nicholas Church was elevated to collegiate status in 1485 and further extended during the 16th century with the addition of much sculpture. Since 1691 the church has been under the jurisdiction of the Protestant clergy and today serves as an Anglican Parish Church. 
Claddagh Village
This little fishing village was once a thriving Irish settlement outside the walled town, which not only had its own native language and customs but even had its very own elected king. The Claddagh is also famous for its unique ring which consists of a pair of hands clasping a heart and topped with a crown. 
Catholic Cathedral 
Officially opened in 1965, the imposing Cathedral of St. Nicholas is the most prominent landmark on the city skyline. Designed by John J. Robinson in classical Renaissance style, the cathedral has a traditional cruciform shape with a central dome and two bell-towers flanking its northern entrance. 
University Quadrangle 
Designed in Tudor/Gothic style, the quadrangle with its clock tower was modelled on Christchurch College in Oxford. Queens College Galway officially opened its doors with 68 students in October 1849 and since then the University has expanded considerably with a modern student population of 16,000.