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Galway Dark History Tour 
Tour Overview 
Experience the darker side of Galway’s turbulent past with tales of siege, rebellion and religious strife. Visit the scenes of public execution and the site of the original Lynch hanging. Hear gruesome tales of bodysnatching, deadly plague and the many skeletons recently unearthed in Eyre Square. Learn of the Spanish Armada massacre, the anatomy scandal of 1878 and an infamous local haunting by demonic spiritual forces. Explore the bloody origins of the Kings Head Pub, the true Celtic origins of Halloween and discover the strange case of Warden John Bodkin’s hand!  
Tour Highlights 
Eyre Square  
This was the original site of the Old Town Gallows, where after Execution the severed heads of unfortunate criminals were displayed upon spikes in order to deter others from committing unlawful acts. Learn of famous executions and the grisly human remains recently unearthed in the square.                                                                              
Lynch Memorial Widow  
The Lynch Memorial was erected to perpetuate an old Galway Legend said to have taken place at this ancient site. The principal focal point of the monument is an ominous skull and crossbones. It was here, according to Legend, that the term Lynching began with the first and original Lynch Hanging.       
St Nicholas Church  
Learn of the legendary Knights Templar, mysterious apprentice pillar and the secretive Order of Freemasons. Discover the strange case of Warden Bodkin’s hand and the bloody demise of Lieutenant Jolly. Encounter curious memorials and epitaphs and hear melancholy tales of Galway’s old tribal dead. 
Kings Head Pub 
There is a long held tradition which relates to the Kings Head Pub and its connection to the execution of King Charles I by beheading in 1649. After the Cromwellian siege of Galway Col. Peter Stubbers seized the property and was later accused of being involved in the Kings execution.   
Blakes Tower  
In 1686 the old castle tower was leased to the Grand Jury of Galway in order to be used as the new County Jail. Learn of bitter tribal feuds, daring escapes by prisoners under sentence of death and the murder hole which enabled defenders to pour hot tar or drop missiles upon would-be assailants below.  
Catholic Cathedral 
The Cathedral was built on the site of Galway’s Old Town Jail where the condemned prisoner was led onto a scaffold to suffer execution by hanging. Hear of the notorious execution of Myles Joyce in 1882, Crown executioner William Marwood and of ghostly apparitions reported thereafter.   
University Quadrangle 
Many graduates of the University Medical School achieved distinction in their fields such as Sir William Thornley Stoker (pioneer of neurosurgery in Ireland) who was older brother to Bram Stoker, author of Dracula. Learn stories of bodysnatching and the infamous anatomy scandal of 1878.