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St. Nicholas Church Night Tour 
Tour Overview                    
Take the Night Tour through the gothic arches of St Nicholas medieval church. Learn of the legendary Knights Templar, mysterious apprentice pillar and the secretive Order of Freemasons.
Discover the strange case of Warden Bodkin’s hand and the bloody demise of Lieutenant Jolly.
Learn of the original Lynch hanging, deadly plague and the true Celtic origins of Halloween. Encounter Irish grave humour, curious memorials and epitaphs and hear melancholy tales of Galway’s old tribal dead.    
TOUR HIGHLIGHTS              
De Carteret Memorial 
Dedicated to Lieutenant George Frederick De Carteret, the memorial states ‘His lamentable death was occasioned by want of lights on the docks, into which he fell and was drowned during a dark and tempestuous night’          
Henry Jolly Memorial 
This memorial is dedicated to Lieutenant Henry Jolly, whose violent and bloody death was to cause deep divisions and civil unrest between the Catholic and Protestant communities of Galway during the early 18th century.  
Apprentice Pillar 
This distinctive pillar may have been carved as a secret memorial to the Knights Templar soon after the downfall of the order. The only other column of its kind is to be found at Rosslyn Chapel, made famous by the Da Vinci Code.                         
Kearney Memorial  
Dedicated to 11 year old James Johnston Kearney, the memorial states ‘His death was occasioned by his top having fallen from him and in stooping to regain it a car rolled over him in the street’.
John Bodkins Tomb 
According to Legend, on the death bed of last Catholic Warden John Bodkin, he prayed that his right hand would not decay inside the tomb until the keys of the Church be restored to its rightful owners.